Our full cardiac testing service is currently available to both UK and international patients for a flat fee. Contact us for more information.

Our one-stop cardiovascular health screening service include consultation with Dr Saha and discussion on which tests are important in their particular case. We believe in a patient centred approach and therefore only advice tests which are of value to you. These include: Assessment of body mass index (BMI), Electrocardiogram (ECG) – to measure both the rate and electrical conduction of the heart, Echocardiogram (echo scan)– a specialised ultrasound scan of the heart which gives a range of information including the size and function of the heart, and a Patch Cardiac Rhythm Monitor – to monitor your heart rhythm.

For more information, please see our heart health assessment page here.


Please find the following approximate ‘self-funding costs’ inclusive of hospital and consultant fees. Formal fixed quotes are sent on booking of procedures/operations. We have only included the most commonplace procedures. The costs vary according to where your procedure is undertaken; either at one of our dedicated private hospitals.

Dr Saha is both Bupa fee and AXA outpatient fee assured. Please note that interest free medical loans are available from the Nuffield Hospital and Spire Hospital.

Initial consultation £250
Follow up consultation £160
Remote consultation £150
Medical reports £100
Kardia/Apple watch ECG review £30

Insured Patients:
Initial consultation (telephone or face to face) : £140-£250 depending on insurer
Follow up consultation insured (telephone or face to face) : £90-£180 depending on insurer

Dr Saha will be happy to prepare insurance or travel documents for you based on his cardiology review of your health. The fee is £100.00.
Test | Self-Pay Guide Price

ECG | £94
Exercise ECG | £371
Echo | £414- £450 for self payers
24hr Blood pressure | £250
Heart monitor (Ziopatch) | £500
Coronary Angiogram | £2061.98
Coronary Angioplasty | £4963.04 (will vary depending on how many stents are placed and the complexity of the procedure)
Pressure Wire | £4035.04

Any biometric data sent from an electronic device (ECG, heart monitor data) will be charged at £30.00 per item sent.

Insured prices will vary according to your provider